At O’Halloran Hill Dental, we place great importance on Children’s Dental. 

This starts with educating children from a young age, and is key to developing good habits.

Your child’s baby teeth or primary teeth are just as important as permanent teeth.

Like adults, children are at risk of dental decay. This is made even more prevalent with the level of sugars in today’s food.

By establishing good oral hygiene habits from a young age, your child will be well equipped to enjoy healthy teeth for life.




Children’s Dental
Childrens Dental no gap

What is involved with dental education for children?

We help you and your children by showing  brushing techniques. By showing them and watching them practise in the clinic we can be sure they will take these tricks home. 

We also show parents what to look for so you can help develop good dental habits in your child.

What does this achieve?

By getting your child to brush their teeth in the best possible way, it limits the amount of plaque build-up and decay. This can help  prevent the need for major dental work in the future.

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