Dental fillingsAt O’Halloran Hill Dental we offer quality Dental Fillings for a variety of conditions. From helping restore teeth with decay to repairing broken teeth.

Providing an affordable option for improving the appearance of uneven or crooked teeth.

Why Are Dental Fillings Necessary? 

Our dentists assess the tooth and offer a range of options that best restore the tooth. We want you to feel good about how your teeth look.

We use white composite resin material for fillings which blend in well with the tooth & helps minimize risks of further tooth breakdown. 

Replacing Old Dental FIllings

We no longer offer amalgam fillings as they cause the teeth to crack as they expand and contract over time.

Our dentists, on examination, will be able to provide you with an informed decision about replacing any old amalgam mercury fillings to prevent further breakdown and help restore your teeth. 

In addition to restoring teeth that have decayed or fractured, composite resin fillings can be used cosmetically to change the size, colour and shape of teeth.

This quality is especially useful in closing gaps between teeth, repairing chipped teeth or making teeth appear straighter and more even.

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